10 Tech Startups Powering the Construction Site with AI

AI construction site

In the coming years, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will automate many construction tasks in unprecedented ways. These 10 startups are in in the vanguard of turning AI into a value-adding technology for construction sites.

Open Space

OpenSpace is a photo- and video-based documentation tool– “Google Streetviews” of your jobsite. OpenSpace’s proprietary Vision Engine platform allows you to capture 360 video and photos without any manual input, just by walking around with a hardhat camera (Garmin VIRB 360). Photos are captured every half-second and are automatically tied to project plans.

Web: https://openspace.ai/

Location: San Francisco, California, United States

Versatile Natures

Versatile Natures’ AI and IoT platform transforms any site into a smart, data-collecting field, and provides detailed analysis of the project’s status while drastically improving onsite safety. ​ The platform empowers construction managers to make more timely, informed decisions than ever before, ultimately accelerating the completion and increasing the profits of any project.

Web: https://www.versatile.ai/

Location: San Francisco, California, United States

Built Robotics

Built Robotics develops automation technology to make construction safer, faster, and more productive. The company builds robotic upgrade kits for construction equipment. They use off-the-shelf sensors and equipment and write software to make the machines operate autonomously. They currently support dozers, excavators, and skid steers, with more equipment on the way.

Web: https://www.builtrobotics.com/

Location: San Francisco, California, United States


Indus.ai, Inc. develops and licenses its AI construction analytics platform that counts trucks, material arrivals, and measures equipment productivity. The platform provides real-time project controls for reconciling over-billed charges and correcting schedules. Clients have used the platform to reduce delays, increase billing accuracy, and optimize resources.

Indus.ai uses live video streams from IP cameras. The software is powered by a proprietary machine vision neural network that can accurately recognize 100+ types of construction equipment and activities.

Web: https://www.indus.ai/

Location: San Francisco, California, United States


BuildStream uses IoT and AI to integrate telematics data into one central platform, helping large scale construction projects increase equipment utilization and save money. All aspects of equipment management are digitized including maintenance, scheduling, procurement, and labor management. BuildStream adds value for both contractors and equipment rental companies.

Web: https://www.buildstream.co

Location: New York, New York, United States

Dusty Robotics

Dusty Robotics automates the construction site layout process with a mobile robot. It autonomously drives around on a construction site, marking layout as it goes. It produces consistent, reliable results and guarantees crews are always building off of the latest construction documents.

Web: https://www.dustyrobotics.com/

Location: Mountain View, California, United States


AirWorks’ aerial mapping software helps land developers and engineers to evaluate more job sites within their critical planning and acquisition schedules. Through proprietary machine learning technology, the AI-powered software autonomously converts 2D and 3D aerial data into CAD models.

Web: http://airworks.io/

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Astralink is a Quality Assurance platform for the construction industry, using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to bridge the gap between BIM models and real-life construction fieldwork. Using proprietary Computer Vision & Deep Learning algorithms and tablet computers to overlay BIM models on top of as-built reality, Astralink prevents construction errors in real-time.

Web: http://www.astralink.io/

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel


Nyfty.ai offers jobsite automation through the power and simplicity of voice and short text conversation. It’s an automation platform that on the one side talks to leading construction management software (currently Procore) and on the other side talks to humans through phone, text or the app, and potentially through other systems via SDKs, Speakers, and Iframes.

Web: https://www.nyfty.ai/

Location: Menlo Park, California, United States


Caidio provides AI-based software for improving the quality and productivity of concrete construction. Machine learning algorithms process the data from all phases of the concrete construction process into valuable process instructions which is available through a SaaS subscription model.

Web: https://www.caidio.io/

Location: Espoo, Finland

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