How 360 Degree Feedback Helps Strengthen Employee Engagement


Feedback is extremely valuable in business as everybody can benefit from it. Companies ask customers for feedback in order to improve their services, while feedback is provided by CEOs and executives to help workers boost confidence to meet their financial requirements. In other words, feedback is a mechanism that helps companies recalibrate behavior and increase performance. 360 Degree feedback is used in major companies to help employees become aware of both their strengths and weaknesses. As soon as they receive the feedback, they’re asked to develop an action plan and improve their skills.

Team-building and performance appraisals strengthen institutional bonds

The business world is dominated by high-stake decisions that need to be taken right away, which means that workers don’t always have time to evaluate the way they fulfill their tasks and obligations. Providing your employees with some extra time to assess their weaknesses and strengths can be very helpful as they can design a plan to help them perk up their behavior. 360 degree feedback allows companies to anonymously assess employee performance, without making them feel misjudged for what they’ve said. It’s not meant to criticize but rather to help people understand their flaws and find ways of improving proficiency at the workplace.

Leaders who are aware of their weaknesses and strengths can adjust their techniques

Individuals may be charismatic, perseverant, and they might even know how to communicate effectively, but this doesn’t mean they’re skills cannot be improved. The problem is that when a person gains power, they no longer admit their flaws. This type of behavior can make others feel aggrieved, thus leading to unpleasant situations. 360 feedback is important and effective: it can make leaders become aware of their mistakes. Employees will become more engaged if you turn to this type of feedback, and their determination will bring only benefits to the company.

Case study

Let us assume that we own a house construction company that makes modular houses. This brand-new sales manager is familiar with everything related to sales, and all of a sudden she notices that the team only managed to sell 10 houses. She asks why and if she can’t get an answer she will probably go to the client to see if the team offered any discounts. As soon as the manager notices that the opportunity was not presented to any of the clients, she will completely forget about the rest of the team and will do everything on her own.

The whole selling strategy is wrong. The manager didn’t talk to her team, and she didn’t try to communicate with them in any way. How can clients confide in your business when your people are not cooperating with each other? If you want to engage employees, you should definitely turn to 360 feedback. They will be provided with constructive criticism and they will learn how to improve their skills. The best part is that this type of feedback can be granted not only by managers, but also by customers. After all, they’re the ones who know exactly what selling maneuvers work best. Assessing the force of your entire sales team is essential because it helps all members strengthen their relationship with the customers.

The A/E/C industry might seem challenging but it’s also extremely creative. Support your people and compel them to come up with original ideas to boost sales. A competent manager should know how to talk to the team. Giving good feedback and embracing their ideas is an excellent way to improve productivity.

 Do you really care what your employees think?

If you don’t care, you should; otherwise, you can’t offer them good feedback when they’re in trouble. Ask about working conditions every once in a while, become interested in their safety, and get to know their relation with other peers. Excellent leaders are aware that employee perceptions influence their company’s ability to reach its full potential. Encourage them to take risks, make them feel confident, and don’t discourage their ideas. Rather than turn them down rudely, you can always ask them to think of ways to bring improvements to their ideas.

Do you know the names of the people you’re working with every day? Because if you don’t, now it would be a great time to start; business owners can boost employee engagement as long as they’re willing to teach. Be a good coach at the workplace and your team will love to work for you. Provide constructive criticism, hearten your people to come up with new ideas, and make them feel comfortable. Help your employee love their jobs and they’ll work for pleasure. When pleasure and commitment are combined, both you and your company will have a lot to gain.

Author Bio: The article is being authored by an experienced writer and blogger Jason Phillips. He took help from that provides 360 degree system to receive more valuable and more honest feedback on which to act than with routine appraisal approaches.

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