4 Essentials for Maintaining Good Client Relations during Construction Work


If you are currently providing construction or contracting work on a commercial property, the business owners may be wary of intrusions of a construction crew and the interference of the work being carried out.

Rather than having to field heated questions from business bosses, implement these techniques to ensure a smooth relationship.

Provide Optional Back Up

If you will be required at any point to turn off the power or internet access of a building, this may disrupt the work flow of the businesses within. Whilst it is simple common courtesy to warn the businesses well in advance of this, it is possible to go above and beyond.

A high power mobile generator can be kept on site for prolonged periods where the building’s power needs to be cut off. This can reduce the impact of the construction work on the building.

Aggreko stock a wide range of mobile power generators in a selection of sizes suited to a range of different jobs. The implementation of this courtesy can help you retain a healthy relationship with the site managers and allow your workforce to complete the necessary tasks without disruption.

Complete Noisy Work out of Hours

If the employees in the building you are carrying our construction work on adhere to 9-5 hours, it may be preferable to complete the noisiest aspects of the work from 5-7.

If noisy work is unavoidable during the business’ hours of work, it is good practice to at least warn the bosses of disruptions so they can notify the workforce.

Provide Safety Equipment

Protect their workforce against even the smallest possibility of an accidents and yourself against any injury claims by providing safety equipment to the business and employees. Manchester Safety Services stocks personal protective equipment from hard hats to goggles here, keeping all parties safe from potential dangers.

Keep Everyone Informed

Before starting the construction and contracting work, it is preferential to provide information about the work to be carried out. Where possible find the email addresses of the upper management of the affected business and send them a day-to-day breakdown of the work to be carried out. This will help the businesses appreciate what work is coming up in the approaching days and give them a finite date for the completion of the work. Any disruptions to the work or changes to the schedule should also be provided by email to retain complete transparency and ensure a healthy relationship.

The Acompli email calendar app is a simple to use and understand template tool which can be used to keep all parties informed of a building work schedule.

This can also operate as an additional promotional opportunity for your firm, emailing with your company insignia may improve brand visibility and could lead to new opportunities in the short and long term.


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