7 Days of News – Week 46

construction technology news

Here are our picks from the recent construction technology news.

Is 3D printing in construction more than overhyped promises and underwhelming deliveries, asks Andrew Wheeler. Read his summary of the latest developments in this technology.

3D printed buildings could strip out as much as half the cost of building a home, Jason Ballard’s startup, Icon, predicts.

Smartvid.io uses AI to automatically analyze photos and other data gathered across the job to recognize safety hazards and the potential for an incident.

Japanese construction industry sees AI and robotics as a way to future-proof and close the labor gap.

Indian startup Housejoy realized that house construction is still run by unorganized players who don’t bring any transparency in pricing, and HouseJoy could productize the approach to building a home.

UK offsite construction survey: 67.2% say they are either confident or very confident that it will become business as usual.

Exoskeletons: These machines enhance the ability to work quickly and safely and help reduce injuries.

Canadian RenoRun says its goal is to save contractors time and money by planning, sourcing and delivering scheduled or “just-in-time” building supplies and materials directly to a jobsite “in as little as two hours.

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