A Mobile Magazine on Construction Innovation

In the era of the social media, trade magazines have retained their appeal. Construction is no exception. One of the latest ones is CORPUS, with a tagline Constructing tomorrow.

CORPUS is the customer magazine of the 150-year-old German chemistry giant BASF. It is published in both English and German. CORPUS is a mobile magazine for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices.

According to the publisher, “The magazine illuminates major trends in urban planning and architecture and how we can meet such challenges as urbanization, dwindling resources and forward-looking construction. To track down the solutions of tomorrow, CORPUS talks to today‘s architects, engineers and planners and accompanies innovative case studies from planning through to completion.”

As the publication comes from a manufacturer, it naturally features case studies where BASF products have been used. There are informational pieces on construction materials and methods. The publication also presents interesting future projects, like the Garden Bridge of London in its third  issue.

A true mobile magazine

I have read the iOS version of the magazine on iPhone 6s Plus, but I suppose it is at its best on a tablet device. The app is well designed and the reading experience is very good.

This is not just a clone version of a print publication, which a is most often the case with professional e-magazines. It is a full-fledged app that is quite easy to use and takes use of interactive infographics and videos. The reading experience is great on a phone-sized device, and the app is overall aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Where to get it

To download the free magazine at

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