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After reading “How to Be Successful with Construction Project Management Software,” I wanted to suggest a resource that should entice more contractors to consider CPM software.  As Aarni highlighted, CPM software helps deliver projects ahead of schedule and under budget, but there is no need to waste capital on software that is outside the scope of your needs. To combat this risk, FindTheBest recently published a data-driven comparison of 190 different Construction Project Management Software solutions in a manner that lets contractors sort the results by their specific needs. By allowing contractors to determine the best construction software for their needs, it maximizes the competitive advantage that adopting these solutions entails.

Like SoftwareAdvice noted and this comparison illustrates, most CPM software is moving towards the SaaS deployment model. So far all you curmudgeons out there who refuse to adopt CPM software, you might want to consider how far ahead your competition might already be.

David Schmidt

Business Development, FindTheBest

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