Achim Menges Innovates the Way We Build

Achim Menges WDBE Talks

Achim Menges is a world-renowned innovator of architecture and construction. He’s Aarni Heiskanen’s guest on WDBE Talks, discussing digital fabrication and the future of the construction industry in a world facing enormous environmental and social challenges.

Achim is a registered architect in Frankfurt and a professor at Stuttgart University, where he is the founding director of the Institute for Computational Design and Construction. In addition, he’s the director of the Cluster of Excellence, “Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Architecture.”

On the podcast, Achim talks about

  • What led him into robotics and digital fabrication
  • The vision that’s driving him and his team
  • What he considers his most significant professional achievement so far
  • What it takes to scale up ground-breaking experiments into commercially available applications
  • How the construction sector can become a positive force in solving our problems instead of creating new ones
  • What he plans to cover in his WDBE keynote

You can meet Achim in Helsinki on the 28th of September at WDBE.

Connect online with Achim on LinkedIn. Register to experience all the fantastic presentations and connect with leading built environment digitalization experts at

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