AEC Business to Launch Construction Robotics E-Learning Course is going to launch an e-learning course, Construction Robotics Today, for business owners, decision-makers, tech leaders, and professionals interested in the topic. Sign up for updates on the course!

What is the state of construction robotics today? How are companies already using robots? Should we start testing or investing in this technology?

The course answers these and other questions for company decision-makers and technology developers who want to get a concise overview of the current robotic applications and learn about real-world case studies. The course also helps in planning a company’s robot implementation.

Drivers, solutions, and implementation

The course has three parts. In the first part, we look at trends and technologies that drive construction robotics. The second part features companies that provide robotic solutions. In the third part, we present a business case study framework that you can use to assess your eventual robot implementation.

The course author is Aarni Heiskanen, an architect, software developer, and management consultant at AE Partners. He has helped numerous companies strategize, roadmap, and implement new digital solutions in their business. Aarni has an award-winning construction innovation and technology blog and podcast at and has been named a global top-100 influencer in construction technology.

UPDATE: The course is now live.

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