AEC TechTV – Episode 1

The first episode of AEC TechTV is hosted by Aarni Heiskanen and Paul Wilkinson.

The Program

  • 01:07 Immersive collaborative VR in AEC / Aarni Heiskanen
  • 06:07 Good data for the public good / Paul Wilkinson
  • 12:30 BIM and FM / Karl Fitzpatrick, Auckland Airport
  • 18:40 The AEC Hackathon Online / Damon Hernandez, the AEC Hackathon
  • 29:20 Bimspot / Alexander Grass, Bimspot
  • 35:02 Walk-through at Maria 01 / Aarni Heiskanen
  • 37:31 WDBE 2020 / Aarni Heiskanen
  • 38:12 ThinkBIM /Paul Wilkinson

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