AI for Construction – An Interview With Daniel Faggella of Emerj

Daniel Faggella Emerj podcast

What can construction companies learn from other industries regarding artificial intelligence? This is the topic of my interview with Daniel Faggella in episode 104 of the AEC Business podcast.

Here are our main topics:

  • What are the common misconceptions regarding the use of AI
  • Why AI implementation is an R&D project, not a purchase of another app
  • Examples of use AI use cases in construction and other industries
  • The strategic impact of AI
  • The future of AI and “SaaSable” AI

About Dan

Daniel Faggella is CEO and founder at Emerj AI Research, a research and advisory firm that helps global organizations develop productive AI strategies.

Emerj specialized in mapping the landscape of AI capabilities, and determining the critical trends that matter most in sectors like healthcare, finance, and defense.

Daniel conducts cutting-edge research for clients like the World Bank, global pharmaceutical companies, and more.

Download a Guide

To help business people understand the steps and phases of getting started with AI in any business or sector, Emerj provides a guide, Beginning with AI – 3 Key Insights for Non-Technical Professionals, that you can download at

Listen to the interview (also on Apple, Spotify, and several other platforms)

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