AI-Powered Construction – An Interview with Aviv Leibovici of Buildots


In the 100th episode of the AEC Business podcast, Aarni Heiskanen interviews Aviv Leibovici, the CPO and co-founder of Buildots.

Buildots is an innovative construction tech start-up established in Israel in August 2018. The company was created with the aim of creating the equivalent of a mission control room for construction sites. Bringing together AI and wearable hardware, Buildots technology creates seamless construction process visibility and fully digitized construction workflows with the aim of optimizing processes, minimizing delays, and avoiding budget overruns.

Aviv Leibovici of Buildots
Aviv Leibovici

The innovation was born with the understanding that the management of construction sites is a very complex process. Construction projects often involve tens of thousands of elements and activities with hundreds of workers and different subcontractors attempting to follow the planned schedule. Under such complex conditions, the almost fully manual way in which these processes are currently tracked and coordinated leads to a significant lack of credible and accurate information. As a direct result, productivity levels in the industry remain extremely low.

By creating an end-to-end digitized control center solution for construction sites, Buildots is looking to address this problem exactly. The cloud-based platform uses AI and computer vision to automatically collect detailed, objective, and up-to-date data throughout a construction site. Through the algorithms of the solution, it can analyze project video footage against original design models (BIM) and project schedules to provide real-time and accurate visibility of the project’s current status.

The solution enables seamless tracking of every phase of the construction process and provides the on-site teams with all the data they need to

  • Determine real-time project status,
  • Easily detect, track and manage partially completed activities,
  • Identify the most urgent issues,
  • Make use of objective evidence (images) to resolve potential disputes,
  • Speed up their learning curve, and
  • Streamline commercial activities based on information collected and analyzed.

Basically, data availability and analysis provided through Buildots system allows the construction team to make the right decision at the right time.

Over the two years of activity, Buildots has grown from the founding team of 3 to over 50 employees, incorporated a UK subsidiary, filed 5 patents, and established a working relationship with top contractors worldwide.

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