AI-Powered Construction Estimating Produces Dramatic Results

melvin newman

On the AEC Business podcast, I interview Melvin Newman, the CTO of PataBid. The company is launching an AI-powered estimation platform called PataBid Quantify for mechanical and electrical sub-contractors. It’s going to speed up the estimation process dramatically.

We discuss

  • How disruptive a technology Artificial Intelligence is for the construction industry
  • The origin story of Quantify
  • How Quantify is going to change the estimation process
  • Who will use it and how will they benefit
  • What have been the challenges in developing Quantify with machine learning
  • When and where Quantify will become available

Why PataBid developed Quantify

Melvin explains why construction estimation is ripe for AI-powered automation.

“…estimators, whether it’s the business owner or a full-time estimator, are going to spend 80% to 90% of the time counting things. And when I analyzed it, that stuff that you count like every light switch, every plug, every elbow, every length of pipe only contributes 20% to 25% of the final value of the project,” he says.

“With the AI, we’re looking to take what would typically take days down to minutes.”

About Quantify

PataBid Quantify is a premiere construction estimating platform for mechanical and electrical sub-contractors.  This cloud-based application is built from the ground up for streamlined, time-saving estimating.  

The built-in AI accelerated takeoff saves hours of time and effort for every estimator.  Quantify offers an intuitive design solution to speed up the estimating process.  Advanced tools allow the creation or importing of existing items and data from other sources along with an internal robust item and assembly database. 

Quantify targets the small to medium contractors with a fixed price, affordable solution.  Pooled licensing enables easy license sharing with multiple users in a company.  

Test the platform features with a free, no-obligation, 2-week trial.

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