AI-Powered Construction Management at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

HUB Knoxville

A new student housing project at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, uses cutting-edge AI technology to enhance construction efficiency. Juneau Construction Company and Buildots have announced their collaboration on the Hub Knoxville project, which will provide nearly 2,000 beds for students.

Using AI for Better Construction Management

The Buildots platform uses 360-degree cameras to capture data on the construction site. This data is then analyzed by AI algorithms to create detailed progress reports and forecasts. These reports help the Juneau team to identify and address potential delays, ensuring the project stays on schedule and operates efficiently. Hub Knoxville is the first student housing project in the U.S. to implement Buildots technology.

Greg Cornwell, Juneau’s VP of Operations, highlighted the benefits of Buildots technology, saying, “Juneau is constantly looking to improve quality and efficiency to increase the value we bring to our clients. With Buildots, we are able to have exceptional control and visibility when it comes to large and complex projects like Hub Knoxville.”

Performance Driven Construction Management

“We’re proud to partner with Juneau Construction and pleased to see how their use of Buildots and our Performance Driven Construction Management (PDCM) method has been able to minimize project delays and increase efficiency at Hub Knoxville,” said Aviv Leibovici, Buildots co-founder and CPO.

The PDCM framework shifts the focus from solely what is being delivered to how it is being executed. By optimizing the underlying efficiency factors of a project, you can achieve direct impacts on the project timeline, steering clear of all too familiar delays.

“Performance-driven management concentrates on these factors and facilitates a detailed analysis of them, enabling managers to scrutinize specific outcomes rather than just the overall project status. This shift from lagging indicators like schedule and budget to the subtleties of process execution offers a clearer understanding of a project’s health and potential for proactive issue resolution,” Buildot’s White Paper explains.

Project Details

Designed by Dwell Design Studio and developed by Core Spaces, Hub Knoxville will feature nearly 600 units. The complex will offer 20,000 square feet of rooftop amenity space and almost 23,000 square feet of interior amenities, including a fitness center, pool, and study lounges. This project is part of Juneau’s extensive portfolio in student housing, multifamily, and commercial buildings.

Future Plans

Buildots technology will also be used in another significant Juneau project, the One Park Tower luxury condominium in North Miami, which will feature 299 units and stand 33 stories tall.

Source: Buildots, July 1, 2024

The title image is courtesy of Dwell Design Studio

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