Almer and TeamViewer Partner Up to Deliver User-Friendly Industrial AR

Almer Arc2

In an exciting development for augmented reality and remote support, TeamViewer has announced a strategic partnership with the Swiss AR startup Almer. This collaboration marks a significant shift in TeamViewer’s direction, closely following Apple’s foray into the AR market with their upcoming Apple Vision Pro headset.

Almer’s latest innovation, the Almer Arc 2 headset, is a potential AR game-changer. Weighing 138 grams, it’s four times lighter than Apple’s Vision Pro. The Arc 2 boasts a 25MP camera, beamforming microphones, built-in speakers, and a holographic see-through screen, offering eight hours of battery life. Unlike the Vision Pro, which is designed for static interior environments, the Arc 2’s transparent display makes it ideal for dynamic, mission-critical tasks.

Unlocking new industrial opportunities

The synergy between TeamViewer and Almer promises to unlock new industrial opportunities. For TeamViewer, it’s a chance to delve into untapped markets, while Almer is set to scale its operations significantly and propel AR adoption forward.

Mei Dent, TeamViewer’s Chief Product & Technology Officer, highlights the potential impact: “Approximately 80 percent of the global workforce does not work at a desk but at a company’s frontline, and most of them currently benefit very little from digital transformation. There is immense potential for efficiency and productivity gains by enhancing the frontline work with digital tools and connecting this huge part of the global workforce to their companies’ backend systems. Our joint offering with Almer allows companies to explore how Augmented Reality opens new opportunities for business and operations and massively increases the speed of their digitalization efforts.”

Founded in 2021 by Sebastian Beetschen and Timon Binder, Almer’s journey is a tale of innovation and vision. Beetschen, a former Microsoft Research employee working on Hololens 2, saw an opportunity to create a more compact, comfortable AR device. With his experience in AR jet fighter helmets, Binder brought a unique perspective that shaped the Almer Arc headset.

A headset akin to a jet fighter visor

Sebastian Beetschen, CEO and co-founder of Almer, describes the headset as akin to a jet fighter visor, featuring a transparent, see-through screen. He describes a use scenario: “When a problem arises, the frontline worker takes the Almer Arc and contacts a remote expert, who can see and hear what the worker experiences. The expert identifies the issue, highlights objects, and displays documentation in the worker’s view, simulating a collaborative, in-person experience.”

Almer has already made significant strides, with 21 customers, including Switzerland’s largest defense contractor and several international machine manufacturers. The startup is venture-backed, having raised $7.6 million, and its team comprises top talents from Swiss institutes like ETH and EPFL.

With the Arc 2, Almer aims to redefine adaptability in AR headsets. Beetschen points out the improvements in the new model, emphasizing its advanced camera and the ability to bring users superhuman capabilities.

Vast opportunities ahead

The AR market is booming, projected to grow from $62.75 billion in 2023 to $1.1 trillion by 2030. Almer initially targets the Swiss industry, with plans to expand to the DACH region and eventually go global.

Beetschen notes the immense cost-saving potential of AR in servicing machines, especially in the DACH region, hinting at the vast opportunities ahead. This partnership between TeamViewer and Almer is not just a business collaboration; it’s a leap towards revolutionizing how industries operate, making AR more accessible and practical for frontline workers and industries worldwide.

Source: Almer, Bern, Switzerland – January 26, 2024

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