Are These the Next Big Names in Construction Tech?

big names in contech

Exploding Topics analyzes millions of searches, conversations, and mentions across the internet. It claims its trend-spotting algorithm identifies under-the-radar industries, products, and categories months or years before they take off. Recently, it published a list of “20 Construction Companies & Startups with Big Potential.”

Some companies have seen “exploding” search growth, suggesting that their products or services will soon gain popularity. It also tells potential investors to look closely at the startups.

The companies on the list focus on areas such as BIM management, construction logistics, safety management, 3D printing, and AI-driven solutions.


Here are examples that highlight the use cases that attract the most attention:

  • UpCodes has a platform that provides libraries of U.S. building codes, diagrams, assemblies, and products. It has an AI-powered research assistant that helps designers and contractors understand, interpret, and apply compliance requirements.
  • Plannerly’s platform creates workflows for creating BIM Execution Plans, visual BIM scoping, and automated BIM checking. You can use your BIM standards alongside with global and local standards.
  • Cove.Tool is an AI-powered construction software that helps architects and engineers optimize building designs.
  • Several construction management startups are on the list, including German company Capmo.
  • Roofr helps roofing constructors manage leads, customers, roof measurements, proposals, material ordering, invoicing, and payments. The company has already measured over 1.5 million roofs.
  • SiteDocs is a Canadian cloud-based safety management software.
  • KEWAZO, a German startup, supplies the construction industry with robotic hoists or elevators. Its main application is scaffolding assembly.
  • Branch Technology is a Tennessee-based startup specializing in 3D printing large structures using cellular fabrication techniques. The patented technology can create custom-designed parts of various shapes and sizes.

What’s hot?

What can we infer from the list of 20 trending startups?

Tools that help manage construction processes seem trending, probably because management is critical to making construction more efficient.

Digital platforms seem to attract the most interest. They are also the most popular among startups. The majority of companies also mention some form of AI on their websites.

Delightfully, two “hardware” developing startups are on the list.

One founder of such a company told me that construction technology investors typically avoid hardware startups. The difficulty of scaling fast might worry the investors.

You can find the list here:

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