Artificial Intelligence Technology News 7/2022


Here are the topics covered in the July 2022 AI issue of the AEC Business Newsletter.


Six things to know about AI

If you’re worried that AI might put you out of a job, read Phil Bernstein’s July 2022 article in the RIBA Journal. He has some reassurance and realism to put your mind at ease.

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a16z leads $6.5M seed round for Adaptive, construction software and fintech play

Adaptive, an 11-month-old startup that has set out to give construction teams better tools to manage their back offices, has raised $6.5 million in a seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz.

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AMC Bridge Releases Construction Safety-Hard-hat Detector

Ukraine-based AMC Bridge releases construction safety-hard-hat detector. Using machine learning and image recognition techniques the detector identifies workers who are not wearing hard hats on a construction site.

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Chicago Build 2022

Chicago Build (October 13 – 14, McCormick Place), the largest construction & design show for the Midwest, is back and bigger than ever! AEC Business is an event partner.

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TestFit, the Maker of an AI-Powered Building Configurator, Gets $20 Million Funding

TestFit founders
TestFit’s founders

TestFit Inc., the maker of an interactive AI-powered real estate feasibility software, has announced $20 million in Series A financing led by Parkway Venture Capital, bringing the total company financing to $22 million.

TestFit’s building configurator helps real estate developers, architects, urban planners, and more to solve site plans in seconds. Development deals for multifamily, commercial, and industrial building types can be rapidly evaluated with TestFit.

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Why Responsible AI is at the Core of Ensuring Safety in Construction?

“Automated Construction Monitoring through video analytics has brought about a new dawn to the industry. With AI in construction, companies are now able to uphold high degrees of safety compliances and productivity in construction jobsites,” writes Gary Ng, the Founder & CEO of viAct.

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Learning to Walk in the Real World in 1 Hour

This four-legged robot is special because it learned to walk all this by itself in 60 minutes without being shown what to do in a computer simulation. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, used an AI technique called reinforcement learning, which trains algorithms by rewarding them for desired actions, to train the robot to walk from scratch in the real world.

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AI disruption is already here, even if we don’t notice it

“The age of AI disruption is already here, even if we don’t always notice it. Businesses that embrace AI will be the ones that reap the rewards and reach new heights.”

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ThroughPut Inc. Announces New AI-powered Supply Chain Capabilities for the Cement Industry to Stride Through Market Disruptions & Erratic Supply Chain Uncertainties

ThroughPut, the Industrial AI supply chain pioneer, is partnering with leading cement and building materials innovators to reduce the global cement supply chain waste and leap ahead faster of the status-quo.

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Kwant Expands Its Connected Construction Solution

Kwant connected construction

Kwant’s AI-powered technology currently connects more than 50,000 workers for large-scale projects within construction, manufacturing, affordable housing, and infrastructure sites. Kwant has already been deployed across multiple large-scale projects. They have proven success with industry leaders such as DPR Construction, Delta, Alberici, McCarthy, Delta, Fairstead, and Walbridge.

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