Augmented Reality in Construction: Beyond the Hype

Nate Fuller and Erin Khan on AR in construction

In this episode of the AEC Business podcast, host Aarni Heiskanen is joined by Nate Fuller, founder and director of Placer Solutions, and Erin Khan, a construction technology consultant. They dive into the topic of augmented and mixed reality in the construction industry. Nate shares his background in construction and the founding of Placer Solutions, while Erin discusses her experience as a construction technology expert. They explore their roles in advancing change in the industry and the importance of incorporating technology into construction processes. Tune in to learn more about the potential of augmented and mixed reality in construction.

The topics

AR/MR report cover

The discussion topics include:

  • Placer Solutions’ technology excellence reports
  • State of AR and MR in construction
  • AR use cases that yield the fastest returns
  • 3D coordination challenges
  • Barriers to adoption in construction
  • Encouraging industry entry with AR/MR
  • The new Artificial Intelligence and Construction report
  • How to get Placer Solution’s AR/MR report (includes a discount code)

The report

Placer Solution has published a report titled Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in Construction. You can buy the report at Listen to the podcast episode to get a discount code for your purchase!

About the interviewees

Nate Fuller is a passionate and accomplished construction technology leader with a diverse background in corporate innovation, construction technology, and entrepreneurship. He contributed to engineering design and project management for global construction projects before helping to create Bechtel’s Office of Innovation in 2016. He then ventured into entrepreneurship and later founded Placer Solutions, a management consultancy firm in 2021. Nate’s proven track record defining strategy and directing change management in construction has led to successful consulting engagements with North America’s largest construction contractors.

Erin Khan is an established AEC technology leader with over a decade of combined experience in construction operations, data and process analysis, and software implementation.  Founding Erin Khan Consulting in 2023, she currently provides technology and innovation services to both contractors and construction technology startups.

Prior to founding EKC, Erin served as the National Director of Construction Solutions for Suffolk Construction, overseeing national technology and innovation operations. Erin holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from USC, a certificate in Business Analytics from The Wharton School, and is EIT, LEED AP BD+C, and OSHA-10 certified. 

How to connect with Nate and Erin

Visit and connect with Nate and Erin on LinkedIn.

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