Augmented Reality Use Cases in Construction

Augmented and mixed reality software make BIM models and other design data viewable on the construction site, allow reality capture, and enable visual communication with construction management systems. Here are eight videos that demonstrate the current capabilities of AR in construction.

Argyle – A site walk with AR

The video demonstrates a site walk with Argyle’s augmented reality. As we progress through the site, more of the model loads around us. You can request a a trial on your AR device at

Earthworks augmented reality Camera on an excavator

The SITECH Northeast crew is testing new technology from Trimble. They recently put the new Earthworks Augmented Reality camera on a small excavator and showed ourselves what it could do.

GAMMA AR – Object-based issue management and progress tracking

GAMMA AR is a construction app that overlays 3D BIM Models on the jobsite with augmented reality.

HoloSite and the Atom – Making decisions, validating, and planning in real-time.

HoloSite is the world’s first Engineering-Grade Augmented Reality platform by XYZ Reality. It’s an integrated cloud-based solution plugging into the AR construction headset – The Atom. Here’s a first-person demo of the Atom at Autodesk University 2022.

Insight AWP – From a Data Warehouse to on-site augmented reality

The video demonstrates how augmented reality enhances the use of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP). The video also explains the Data Warehouse principle that is behind the successful use of AR. This content is provided by Insight AWP, a company that implements AWP processes and technology for clients across the engineering, procurement and construction phases of mega projects.

OnSiteXR – Fastening prefabricated building elements and capture the work done

OnSiteXR is a Mixed Reality app that assists first line workers in fastening prefabricated building elements and capture the work done for construction documentation with the HoloLens 2 speech to text and image capture abilities.

Trimble Connect AR – Precast concrete quality control

BuildingPoint Scandinavia visited precast company Spenncon AS in Hønefoss to learn more about how Trimble Connect AR can be used with their Tekla models in the factory and on the construction site for quality control using iPad and iPhone.

vGIS – Documenting construction with engineering-grade augmented reality AR

vGIS is a high-accuracy augmented reality visualization platform. vGIS transforms spatial data — BIM, GIS and 3D scans — into descriptive AR visuals to power mobile productivity tools. This video shows an end-to-end process of capturing and then visualizing captured data with vGIS. Captured scans (reality capture) can be used for planning and future excavations.

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