Automating Construction with AI – An Interview with Stuart Maggs

stuart maggs scaled robotics

I had a great conversation with Stuart Maggs, the CEO of Scaled Robotics. On the AEC Business Podcast we discussed how AI, machine learning, robotics, and BIM work together to create situational awareness of a construction project.

Scaled Robotics is a startup that leverages computer vision, machine learning and AI to provide precise construction quality and progress information. With their cloud-based system, customers can track, analyze, and optimize the construction process.

“We really believe that this is a game changer for construction because it’s going to allow us to have better information, to make better decisions, to be able to de-risk projects,” Stuart explained. “What we are doing is once you’ve captured that data on the construction site, we automatically analyse it in the cloud, and we deliver it back to you as actionable information.”

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