Automating Rebar Installation

automating rebar installation

In this episode of the AEC Business Podcast, Aarni interviews Carson T. Carney, the VP of Technology Integration at Advanced Construction Robotics. They discuss construction robotics and how doing one thing – rebar tying – extremely well, ACR’s robots increase project profitability, reduce schedule risk, and keep workers safer.

“We’ve talked to people across the globe that have similar problems, and that’s just a lack of skilled labor. We can’t keep up with the demand that’s out there. So we have to come up with a solution to make us more productive,” says Carson. “I think really what makes us unique is that we are looking at job site problems and developing solutions for those problems, as opposed to the opposite way, where you can develop a solution and try and find a fit for it on a project.”

About the guest

Carson T. Carney, P.E.  joined the Advanced Construction Robotics, Inc. (ACR) team as Vice President in 2019. He has worked on major bridge projects throughout the United States as well as internationally, managing the entire project lifecycle from the earliest teaming, planning, and design stages to execution and handover. In Scotland, he brought together and managed an international team to design and build what was the world’s longest multi-tower cable-stayed bridge, the Queensferry Crossing.

The robots

TyBOT and IronBOT carry out the repetitive and backbreaking tasks of rebar installation using artificial intelligence and robot vision.

TyBOT is a rebar tying robot that ties up to 1,100 intersections an hour. It does not require BIM, pre-mapping, programming, or calibration.

IronBOT is a rebar carrying and placing robot that can carry up to 5,000-pound bundles.

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