Autovol: An Automated Volumetric Modular Factory Taking Shape

automated modular factory

Prefab Logic, in conjunction with Autovol™ ownership, is leading the development of a first-of-its-kind factory for volumetric modular construction that combines human and robotic functions. Autovol will produce large-scale multiunit housing and hotel complexes; complete with all wiring, plumbing, and final fixtures before they ship from factory to building site.

Construction preparations at the Autovol site in Nampa, Idaho, began in October 2018. The 400,000 square-foot robotized factory is set to be operational in early 2020. Autovol is backed by $100 million in funding from a group headed up by lead investor The Pacific Companies.

Autovol is being designed and developed by Prefab Logic, a leading volumetric modular construction consultancy based in Boise, Idaho. For Prefab Logic co-founders Curtis Fletcher and Rick Murdock, the new factory is the next big step in their growing investment in the modular industry.

“Autovol will greatly accelerate the big and positive impact on cost and productivity that current volumetric modular construction already delivers to our projects,” Fletcher said. “This factory will create new breakthroughs in construction speed, capacity, efficiency, and excellence.”

Rick Murdock, CEO, Autovol 208-901-6568, 
Curtis Fletcher, CEO, Prefab Logic 800-756-3074

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