Ben Guy Brings a Human Scale to Planning with 3D Tech

Ben Guy

Dr. Ben Guy, the founder and CEO of UC 3D Planning Technologies – Urban Circus – is Aarni Heiskanen’s guest on the WDBE Talks podcast. They discuss the use of 3D visualization technologies to bring a human scale to urban development and construction. Ben is a keynote speaker at WDBE 2022.

Urban Circus is a family-owned, 20-years-old Australian business. Examples of their work include videos, stories, VR, AR, interactive models, gamification, simulations, and planning workflows.

The interview covers these topics:

  • What brought Ben into 3D technology
  • Ben’s guiding vision
  • How advances in technology have improved Urban Circus’s capabilities over the years
  • What makes 3D such a powerful way to communicate
  • Examples of the results customers have achieved with 3D visualization and simulation
  • How Ben uses open data
  • What the future of 3D is, and what’s Ben’s take on the metaverse
  • What can we expect to learn from Ben’s keynote at WDBE

You can reach Ben on LinkedIn and at His keynote takes place on September 28, 2022. Register to experience all the fantastic presentations and connect with leading digitalization experts at

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