Beyond Manual Measurements: eGate and Procore Transform Construction Monitoring

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Construction Monitoring Leaps Forward: eGate Joins Procore’s App Marketplace.

In a significant advancement for construction job site monitoring, eGate Smart Building Technology Corp., known for its leading-edge construction monitoring solutions, has officially partnered with Procore Technologies, Inc., a dominant figure in the construction management software realm. The collaboration enables industry professionals to tap into eGate’s pioneering remote sensing capabilities, enhancing real-time oversight of job site conditions via Procore’s robust software platform.

Historically, the industry has been heavily reliant on manual on-site measurements—a method often riddled with costly mistakes and delays. With eGate’s integration into Procore’s ecosystem, professionals can now receive real-time alerts and insights directly from their construction sites. This not only facilitates swift responses but also ensures greater project efficiency through a cloud dashboard, which consolidates the monitoring of numerous projects onto a single interface.

Continuous monitoring and predictions

One of eGate’s standout tools, ‘ePredict’, comes into the spotlight with this partnership. It offers continuous predictions for concrete slab drying times, ensuring project timelines remain on track. Moreover, safety remains paramount with eGate’s dust and pressure monitoring systems, which strictly comply with the ICRA 2.0 monitoring standards, underscoring both companies’ commitment to fostering safer and healthier work environments.

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Jarkko Haukijärvi, eGate’s CEO, remarked, “Our collaboration with Procore represents a significant value add to the industry. By facilitating actionable real-time data from the construction project sites, we are enabling construction professionals to make informed decisions faster than ever before.” Echoing the sentiment, Kris Lengieza, VP of global partnerships at Procore, stated, “The real-time visibility and predictive analytics that eGate brings to Procore users are invaluable.”

Serving hundreds of job sites daily, eGate is trusted by general contractors, flooring contractors, and construction monitoring service companies. They’ve accumulated over 1 billion data points from project sites, reinforcing their innovative approach. On the other hand, Procore, headquartered in Carpinteria, California, has overseen projects amounting to over $1 trillion USD. Their platform harmonizes every project stakeholder with solutions tailor-made for the construction sector, further solidifying their position as a leader in the field.

For more information about eGate integration, visit the Procore App Marketplace.

Source: eGate, Tampere, Finland, August 9th, 2023

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