BIM in Real Time – Synchro and GenieBelt Form a Technical Partnership

Synchro Software Limited and GenieBelt ApS have agreed to enter into a Proof of Concept (PoC) integrating Synchro’s leading 4D Virtual Planning and Construction (BIM/VDC) software platform with GenieBelt’s real-time project management and mobile site reporting tool.

Both companies have a strong desire to change the construction industry into a modern, technology-driven, efficient industry, eliminating unnecessary waste and cost.

The PoC aims to connect the 4D construction model in the Synchro platform and project plan data with GenieBelt – automatically via APIs – to allow instant onsite registration of progress, reporting, questions, marks, tagging and pictures to flow via GenieBelt back to the 4D platform. This integration between the visual model, real-time project management, and onsite communication will provide project managers, clients and the entire project delivery team with the most advanced visual digital construction solution. Not only will this integration provide real-time updates to the project’s schedule and BIM model, ensuring continuous overview and insights into actual project progress; it will also help enrich the model and project information with data.

Tom Dengenis Synchro
Tom Dengenis

Both Synchro and GenieBelt are delighted to be collaborating towards their shared goal of driving digital progress in the construction sector. Tom Dengenis, CEO of Synchro, and Ulrik Branner, CEO of GenieBelt, both regard this as the next trajectory in delivering transparency and accountability to the industry, paving the road for data continuity all the way from the design phase over construction to facility management and maintenance.

“Partnering with industry experts in forward-thinking organizations who have a passion to lead the way to change will provide the digital backbone required to significantly change the way we manage construction projects today and in the future”, says Ulrik Branner.

Ulrik Branner GenieBelt
Ulrik Branner

“We are excited to be collaborating with GenieBelt, who are as passionate about driving change in the construction industry as we are. The combination of our 4D digital construction platform and the real-time updates provided by GenieBelt will enable significant process and business improvements”, says Tom Dengenis.


Synchro Software Ltd provides digital construction software and services that improve the safety, reliability, predictability, and quality of complex construction projects. Their 4D digital construction platform serves the global market, combining traditional Gantt chart CPM scheduling with integrated 4D visualization capabilities in real time. Their customers range from small consultants to the world’s largest and most recognizable contractors using Synchro on high-profile, complex construction projects.  For more information visit


GenieBelt provides real-time project management and progress reporting software to construction projects of any size, improving the way people communicate and organize themselves. GenieBelt’s desktop and mobile software solutions are now used by clients, contractors, house builders, developers, and consultants on more than 20,000 projects in 100+ countries. For more information, visit

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