BIM-Powered Customer Journey Management

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Aarni’s guest on the AEC Business podcast is Harri Majala, founder & CEO at GBuilder. We discuss, among others, the challenges construction technology developers face and how GBuilder has been able to manage them.

Our topics include

  • How a construction background helped Harri develop GBuilder
  • How to get your first customers as a construction tech company
  • Why he refuses to start up technology pilot projects
  • How customers’ maturity to buy solutions is evolving
  • The problems with the way designers create BIMs

About GBuilder

GBuilder is a BIM-based collaboration platform for property developers. It allows streamlining the interaction with customers, project teams, and construction sites.

GBuilder helps manage all customer-related tasks, material choices and options, configurations with HD 3D & VR visualizations, change requests, communication, documentation, bill of quantities and bill of materials, and more in the same user interface. It keeps construction sites and subcontractors updated with the latest documents and drawings. GBuilder takes the customer experience to the next level, increases efficiency, quality, and revenue, and decreases waste and emissions.

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