BIM for Project Managers – Interview with Tomi Henttinen

BIM project management

Tomi Henttinen is the Chief Innovation Officer at Gravicon. The Finnish company offers services and tools for the management of BIM projects. Tomi is also the chairman of BuildingSmart Finland.

Tomi Henttinen BIM

In this interview Tomi talks about their product, Modespace, and how it supports the work of the project manager during a construction project. To learn more about Modelspace visit Tomi also mentions the recent co-operation agreement with Glodon Software Company Limited. Their new partner is the leading construction management software vendor in China with over 100,000 users.

About Gravicon

Since 1990, Gravicon Ltd has served the construction industry through IT consulting and, in particular in its role as a consulting firm specializing in Building Information Modeling (BIM). The company has served as Building Information Modeling consultant for a number of demanding construction projects. In addition, the office has also done project-specific software applications, for the general use of BIM models related to software development.

Tomi’s email address is .

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