BIM Requirements for Infrastructure Released in Finland

Built infrastructure clients, consultants, contractors, and software developers assembled yesterday to celebrate a milestone in Finnish BIM history. The release of InfraBIM requirements took place at Dipoli in Otaniemi.

The development of the guidelines has been a cross-disciplinary venture. The resulting documents are to be used as general technical references and modeling guidelines during procurement and construction. They cover the following topics (freely translated from Finnish):

  • A model based project
  • General requirements
  • Requirements on initial information
  • The infra model and modeling during the design process
  • Structural models (three categories)
  • Quality management of the infra model
  • Quantity takeoffs, cost calculation
  • Visualization
  • Utilization of the infra model during design, construction, use, and maintenance

The guidelines, together with the Inframodel 3 data exchange format and the InfraBIM Classification System form a BIM triad.


BuildingSMART Finland’s infrastructure business group, together with a team of financiers, will collect feedback and update the guidelines accordingly. More information on the guidelines is available from Mr. Juha Liukas, Chairman of the group (juha.liukas(at)

The guidelines will be available in English soon. I’ll keep you posted when that happens (follow me on Twitter: @aarnih).

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