Boosting Construction Productivity with AR

GAMMA AR interview with Alexnder Sidorov

In this episode of the AEC Business Podcast, host Aarni Heiskanen interviews Alexander Sidorov, the COO at Gamma Technologies, a company specializing in visualizing BIM models on construction sites. With a background in corporate finance, Alexander shares insights into his transition to construction technology. He discusses his experience working on various projects, from cryptocurrency exchanges to hotel restructurings, highlighting the industry’s diverse challenges. Tune in for valuable perspectives on leveraging technology to enhance construction productivity!

Discussion topics

The topics of the interview include:

  • Alexander’s transition from corporate finance to construction tech
  • The construction industry’s biggest challenges
  • The value of ConTech in solving those challenges
  • Why AR is a key technology on-site
  • GAMMA AR as a solution
  • Customers’ AR concerns and how to overcome them
  • Success stories
  • What sets GAMMA AR apart
  • What’s in the future

For more information on GAMMA AR, visit and connect with Alexander on LinkedIn.

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