Boosting the Israeli ConTech Startup Ecosystem

Zachi Flatto CEO of ConTech

I sat down with Zachi Flatto, CEO of ConTech. In this episode of the AEC Business Podcast, we discuss how ConTech is advancing the Israeli construction technology startups ecosystem.

Our topics include

  • Zachi’s path from a licensed civil engineer to becoming the CEO of ConTech
  • What ConTech does
  • The contech startup scene in Israel
  • Why Israel is a good environment for construction tech companies
  • The challenges facing contech startups
  • A look into the future

ConTech – a leading global Construction-Tech hub

With Israeli technologies, government support, and the spirit of Israeli entrepreneurship, ConTech builds a unique ecosystem, making Israel a leading global Construction-Tech hub. 

The ConTech ecosystem includes startups, companies from all sectors of the construction industry, contractors, software companies, regulatory bodies, policymakers, and investors.

ConTech activities are aimed to grow the construction-tech startup ecosystem while facilitating business connections between startups and industry players in Israel and abroad.

ConTech is a joint initiative with the 

  • Ministry of Construction and Housing
  • Israel’s Ministry of the Economy, and the Israel Builders Association.

About Zachi Flatto

Construction has been in Zachi’s blood before being born growing up in an engineering family, and building upon this is over 20 years of experience in the industry. Hands-on experience ranging from being licensed civil engineering, to overseeing construction software sales, to being ahead of his time in developing parking algorithms, and over the past several years making Tel-Aviv the epicenter of Construction Technology with ConTech.

Zachi also served as VP of Sales and business development at Top Ramdor (TASE, project management platform) and held different management roles in Autodesk distribution channels. Zachi holds a B.S in Civil engineering from the Technion (Haifa) and M.S in Geography (GIS program) from TAU (Tel Aviv University).

Visit for more information and watch the presentations from the latest ConTech 4.0 event on YouTube.

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