Build Group to Use Buildots’ AI Technology for Three Construction Projects


Build Group Inc. will use Buildots’ technology on three projects in the US, including a 19-story M2 tower which is part of the wider 5M development in San Francisco. Buildots’ AI computer vision will collect, analyze, and leverage data to ensure these projects are delivered on time and under budget

“The complex nature of managing thousands of details and dozens of trades on a construction site is the biggest challenge to finishing a project on time and within the budget,” said Chad Krause, Vice President of Operations, Build Group Inc. 

“As we continue to successfully win work in high volume, a core part of our strategy is adopting technology like Buildots to give us an edge by working as effectively and efficiently as possible to the highest standard of quality,” Krause added.

 A Real-Time Picture of the Project

Buildots uses 360-degree cameras mounted on hardhats to capture images and every aspect of the fit-out phase during bi-weekly site walks. With the data from these captures, Buildots is able to form a continuously updated digital twin of the project using the client’s BIM model.

The system automatically flags any incorrect installation, partially completed task, or other deviation from the schedule thus enabling complete oversight of the project. Furthermore, project managers have a comprehensive view of all activities through detailed reports to help them best manage resources and avoid costly delays.

Buildots shows the percentage of each activity completed and identifies the most urgent issues so they can be prioritized. The system easily integrates into existing workflows making it indispensable for day-to-day work, weekly trade meetings, or monthly valuations.


A Digitalized Control Room for Build Group

Buildots’  fully digitalized construction control room gives superintendents, estimators, schedulers, and the entire team a birds-eye view of the development. It provides an on-demand project status and analysis, broken down by a number of categories – including trade, individual subcontractor activities, and location on site.

“Build Group is an early technology adopter in the construction industry so it is extremely gratifying that they selected Buildots to provide an end-to-end control solution for their projects,” said Roy Danon, co-founder and CEO of Buildots. 

“With construction projects the size of the M2 Tower, having real-time knowledge of the exact progress of every activity and team is invaluable to contractors looking to complete construction as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Danon summed up.

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