Building Codes in Your Pocket

The must-have productivity tool for the building industry professional. The Building Code Digital Series of mobile applications will not only boost productivity, they’re sure to save you and your firm both time and money by allowing specific city and state codes to be viewed immediately and easily.

When armed with Building Code Digital apps, you’ll never have to ‘wait until you get back to the office’ to consult codes; instead, RFIs can be taken care of on the spot, on-site design conflicts can be resolved on-site, and questionable code related punch-list items can be handled in real time. The uses are limitless for anybody from contractors and architects to interior designers and various other specialized consultants. Useful features including Search, Text Justification, and a Linked Index make this tool invaluable to the built environment. Initial offerings include the Building Codes for the State of Florida, soon followed by those for New York City and the State of California.

Features include:

  • Search. Quickly search by individual word or phrase.
  • Active Index. Jump to the section you need.
  • Scroll. No more flipping pages!
  • Single Column Layout. Digital has its advantages.
  • Zoom. A must.
  • Text Justification. Get all text onscreen, at any size.
  • Mobile. Anywhere you have your phone.
  • Simple. Get in and get out.
  • Native. Works offline.
  • No ads. No in-app purchases.

To learn more visit Engineering 7 or contact John H. Hopkins via LinkedIn.

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