Building Skills in Construction: Manja Horner on Effective Learning Strategies

Manja Horner

In this episode of the AEC Business Podcast, host Aarni Heiskanen interviews Manja Horner, founder and CEO of Boost LD, about learning in the construction sector. Manja shares insights about her digitized training service and discusses her 12-year journey in the learning business.

Manja is a learning experience strategist and trusted advisor to companies who want to transform their business with training and team procedures and processes in a seamless, digital and easy-to-implement system.

She helps clients in the skilled trades + construction create inspiring, enriching, and all-encompassing learning experiences for better employee and team adoption, integration, and education.

Why you need a well-designed onboarding process

The episode delves into the significance of robust onboarding and career pathways in attracting and retaining top performers. Manja emphasizes that these elements provide a competitive advantage for companies.

Manja highlights that a well-designed onboarding process begins even before the new employee arrives at the job site or office and continues for a few months into the job. This process entails providing clear expectations, policies, and access to necessary resources, ideally through mobile devices.

A comprehensive onboarding plan can serve as a recruiting tool, showcasing to potential hires that the company values their growth and development. Manja also underscores the importance of career pathways, which offer intentional opportunities for employees to advance within the organization. By offering training and promotion prospects, companies can demonstrate that there is room for growth and long-term commitment. This approach is particularly appealing to young individuals seeking companies that provide a clear path to advancement.

Intentional skill development speeds up time to productivity

Manja underscores the importance of intentional skill development and highlights that it doesn’t have to rely solely on trial and error. She mentions that while it is possible to bring someone along and hope they learn through observation, experimentation, and failure, a more effective approach is to be intentional with skill development. Creating training or learning programs designed with intention can significantly reduce the trial and error period.

Drawing from their background as a music teacher, Manja emphasizes the importance of practice and hands-on experience in skill development.

Simply instructing someone on how to do a job is insufficient for them to become proficient at it. Instead, Manja stresses the need to demonstrate and guide individuals in practicing the skills they need to develop. This approach is likened to learning a musical instrument, where watching a video on how to play is inadequate to become a skilled musician. Instead, one must pick up the instrument and engage in extensive practice.

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Listeners can connect with Manja Horner through various channels. They can visit the website to find more information about the company and its services.

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