Building with Recycled Plastics – Interview with Jeff Mintz of Envirolastech


Plastic waste is a huge global problem and we need viable solutions. In this interview with Jeff Mintz, CEO of Envirolastech, we discuss how plastic can be recycled and used as a building material in a unique way.

Jeff Mintz - CEO EnvirolastechEnvirolastech, Inc, is a developer of thermoplastic technology that offers a cost-competitive alternative to wood and concrete in a variety of products and applications. The company’s products are made from 100% non-organic recycled materials and they are 100% recyclable (see product features).

The company was founded based on innovations made by Paul Schmitt, the technology expert of the company.

In the interview with Jeff Mintz, we discuss

  • The problem of plastic waste
  • How Envirolastech came about
  • What is unique about the company’s manufacturing process and their products
  • What are the first, and possible future, products of the company

You can contact Jeff by sending email to . The company’s website is at

Listen to the interview (also in iTunes)

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