Buildots Releases AI-Powered Mobile Control Room for Construction Sites


Buildots, an AI construction tech start-up, announced the release of the first mobile “control room” to give project managers access to critical information on the go.

Profit margins in construction are some of the lowest for any industry, averaging just 2.8%, according to a CE Performance Report. These tight margins leave companies with little room for error and one mistake, like a delayed vendor, can quickly move a project into the red. Indeed, a survey conducted by KPMG found that only 25% of construction projects were completed within 10% of their original deadlines and only 31% came within 10% of their budget, furthermore 98% of megaprojects incur delays or exceed their budget.

Buildots provides construction companies with an end-to-end solution that allows full control of every activity on the construction site. Buildots’ AI algorithms automatically validate images captured using hardhat mounted 360-degree cameras, to detect any gaps between plans,  scheduling, and the reality on the construction site.

The new app allows managers to access critical data during site walks, without the need for internet access or GPS, driving more value from each site visit. The app provides up-to-date information on any visited area, including the latest progress reports, delays, and issues, allowing managers to respond to problems faster, saving time and reducing costs. With the introduction of Buildots’ app, project managers gain on-the-move access to a fully digitized construction control room of the project.

Aviv Leibovici Buildots
Aviv Leibovici

“The mobile app adds another layer to an already powerful tool which allows managers to monitor details of the project on the ground while also having a big-picture overview of the entire site,” said Aviv Leibovici, Chief Product Officer of Buildots “With Buildots in the palm of their hand, managers can nip problems in the bud early finishing projects ahead of schedule and under budget.”

The iOS app for tablets is designed to function properly even in environments with limited connectivity, supporting an offline mode with actions performed in the app being updated in Buildots once a network connection is re-established. Buildots computer vision AI is highly accurate and can detect and analyze every element including an electrical outlet, window, vent, or more, validating it against the project schedule and designs.

Source: Buildots, Tel Aviv, Israel/London, UK, May 11, 2021

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