Built Environment 2050 – Report Available

Built Environment 2050 – A Report on Our Digital Future urges the construction industry to challenge outdated ideas and create a compelling vision for the future where digital and physical interact. The report is a compilation of essays published by the UK-based BIM2050 group, an initiative formed via the Construction Industry Council.

The report postulates that construction must become much more than technology to be successful in the future. Its vision must integrate both technological and digital advancement, taking into account sociological aspects, such as employment and wellbeing of labour. Quoting from the report: “The ‘hard skills’, such as engineering will remain a core activity of construction but it appears that the sector’s inefficiency manifests from a lack of soft skills and poor cultural integration of education and skills, such as interdisciplinary teams and emotional intelligence.”

The report suggest that the industry considers the following questions in their respective organizations:

  • Security in the digital world
  • Integrated infrastructure
  • Behavioral intelligence management
  • Instantaneous procurement and its implications
  • Support for life-long learning
  • Consumer access on the supply chain
  • Mobility of skills on sectors and geographies
  • Robotic and autonomous systems
  • Human capital management

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