How can a CNC Router Benefit your Small Business?

There has always been a school of thought which considers small businesses to be the central driver of economic growth in the UK. This was supported by recent economic data, which reported that sole traders are particularly prominent in the contemporary economy with 200,000 having established themselves in 2014. At the beginning of 2014 there were 5.2 million private sector businesses in the UK, for example, which were 330,000 more than the previous years’ figures. Of this number, a staggering 197,000 were sole traders.

How can a CNC Router Benefit your Small Business

Many of the newly established businesses operate in the manufacturing sector, which has experienced considerable growth in the last twelve months. In the UK, activity in the manufacturing sector increased during November due to solid domestic demand – with the rate of job creation reaching a four month high. The outlook in the Eurozone, however, was different with a stalling of manufacturing growth during November. New orders fell at their fastest pace in 19 months.

To succeed in an increasingly competitive sector you will need to understand the importance of technology, as items of equipment such as a CNC router can revolutionise your business operation and unlock numerous advantages. These include: –

1. Improved Efficiency

Efficiency is a key issue in any manufacturing business, as human error or wasted manpower can result in substandard workmanship and lost money. CNC routers can help to negate these issues, however, as they are automated by technology and therefore eliminate human errors in design and application. A more efficient manufacturing operation can help you to reduce both labour and material costs, while also delivering a higher quality product and driving a higher bottom line profit.

2. Take on Additional Work and Expand your Business 

Reputable CNC routers, such as those available through UK supplier Biesse, have also been built to handle the demands of even the busiest workshops and enterprises. As a result of this, they have emerged as a key tool for ambitious manufacturing firms that want to operate in fast-paced and competitive market places. Whether your workload requires impressive sheet processing prowess or you want to add a visually impressive third dimension to your output, a CNC router can help you achieve your commercial goals. It can also help you to manage even a busy workload and ultimately expand your business over time. 

3. Diverse Application and Peace of Mind

Another key benefit of investing in a CNC router is that it has a diverse range of applications in your business. These including cutting, routing, carving, engraving and drilling a wide range of materials such as stone, glass and sheet metal. It can therefore be used to complete a number of products in multiple industries, which in turn offers independent businesses an opportunity to expand and diversify their operation without significant investment. When sourced from a reputable supplier, CNC routers are usually sold with a comprehensive five year warranty that covers parts, labour and annual servicing, which offers additional peace of mind and value for your hard-earned money.

4. Simple To Use

CNC machines are surprisingly easy to use when you learn how. Advanced machine control and programming capabilities mean that complex machining operations are more easily accomplished. When a CNC machine has been used to produce an item that has passed inspection, subsequent parts require minimal inspection. Additionally, the machine operator can make improvements or changes with a minimum of expense or delay.

In summary, today’s competitive environment means that a CNC machine will benefit any manufacturing business, improving processes and increasing profits.

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