Can Modular Construction Succeed? – A Panel Discusses

Modular construction panel

The topic of the Nex-Gen Building panel discussion: Can Modular Construction Succeed? Examining Obstacles and Solutions.

The panelists

  • Aarni Heiskanen – Construction Innovation Agent at AEC Business
  • Enrique Nadales Clavero – BIM consultant at Tylko Advisors
  • Jaan Saar – Chief Evangelist at Future Insight Group
  • Cristina Savian – CEO and Founder at BE-WISE
  • Lauri Tuulberg – Co-Founder and CEO at Welement AS

Modular construction involves building structures in modules or sections in a factory setting, which are then transported to the site for assembly.

Examples of modular construction include volumetric modules, structural components, panels, MEP systems, building envelopes

In this discussion, we focus mainly on volumetric construction.

The topics

The topics include:

  • The panelists’ personal experiences with modular construction
  • Why many modular construction companies have failed
  • What changes must occur for modular construction to become feasible for all project stakeholders
  • The impact of modular construction on the construction workforce
  • Modular construction’s role in the construction industry going forward

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The virtual panel discussion was recorded on February 23, 2024.


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