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Are We on the Road to Sustainable Construction?

By consuming resources and creating pollutants and wastes, the construction of buildings and infrastructure has a dramatic effect on the environment. According to a report by the Willmott Dixon Group, around half of all global energy usage can be attributed to the construction industry. Similarly, an estimated 60% of the total usage of raw materials,…

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Three Top Tips for Maintaining a Productive Construction Site

In terms of creating and maintaining productivity, building sites are much like any other workplace. As an employer, you want your staff members to labour as quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly as possible, all whilst maintaining the highest of standards and producing faultless work. This is a challenging task, it’s true, but it’s not an impossible…

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Bringing Your Construction Site Up to Code

Figures from the 2013/2014 Health & Safety Executive report found that there were 133 worker deaths and 70 members of the public fatally injured during this period. Over half of these accidents occurred in three ways: falls from heights, contact with moving machinery, or being struck with a vehicle (railway-related incidents were excluded from the…

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Why Logistics Are Key to Any Construction Site

Effective logistical planning is imperative for any construction project as it can provide massive benefits in efficiency and productivity that significantly reduces the overall cost of the project. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a workforce not being able to continue because they are missing or waiting on the arrival of materials. This can have…

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