CEMEX Ventures Launches TOP50 Contech Startups

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CEMEX Ventures, CEMEX’s Corporate Venture Capital and Open Innovation unit, has announced its TOP50 ConTech Startups list, which includes the 50 most promising new solutions from the 2020 construction ecosystem and the cities of the future.

The investment ecosystem in construction startups gets traction and closes the year 2020 surpassing US$1.3 billion of investment in startups. The previous record dates from 2018 with more than US$1.8 billion invested. Also, it is the fourth consecutive year in which the number of financing rounds exceeds 100. It should be noted that, in 2020, CEMEX Ventures is one of the companies that leads investment efforts in the ConTech ecosystem, positioning itself as one of the leaders in the industry.

This year, the TOP50 ConTech Startups list adds a new category between its resulting verticals, safety and sustainability, maintaining the three axes of the previous year: supply chain management, productivity of the construction project, and new materials and construction methods. Due to the global pandemic, many companies invest in security solutions, and new solutions reappear that previously occupied the bottom positions. The safety objective, which CEMEX has as a number one priority in recent years, will become a good bet during 2021, adding to sustainability.

CEMEX Ventures selects the TOP50 ConTech Startups with the projects it receives in its annual challenge for entrepreneurs in the industry, Construction Startup Competition, added to the flow of new solutions that it shares with its strategic network of investors and companies working in innovation and investment in construction, organized in five geographic groups: United States, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, as well as with the collection of multiple startups that contact them directly through events, social networks or its website.

The 2019 list has numerous solutions that, during 2020, obtained relevant investment rounds, bringing this industry closer to a more technological, digitized, and less fragmented environment. Also, some of the solutions from the 2019 selection participated and triumphed in the largest challenge for entrepreneurs in the industry, Construction Startup Competition 2020.

For more information on the 2020 TOP50 Construction Technology Startups list, please visit: www.cemexventures.com/top-50-2020/

AckcioReliable wireless monitoring solutions for industrial monitoring applications.Singapore
Acoutera Inc.Acoutera is a Vancouver-based, digital contractor with a goal to democratize dream home renovations. Canada
AgoraA materials management platform that streamlines the materials supply chain for commercial trade contractorsUnited States
Ampd EnergyEnergy storage system powering the energy transition in construction, for an emission free future in construction.Hong Kong
ArchdeskCloud-based software delivers tailored management solutions for optimizing workflows, automating processes, and streamlining communication project-widePoland
Beawre DigitalSolution to de-risk construction digital inefficiency, enabling continuous AI-driven risk control on business processes and reducing budget overruns and delays.Spain
BilldPlatform that provides enhanced payment terms for the construction industry; offering 120-day terms to contractors on their material purchasesUnited States
Built RoboticsBuilt Robotics transforms heavy equipment into autonomous robots for the $1 trillion earthmoving industry.United States
CaidioPatent-pending AI and IoT technology for improving quality, reducing CO2, and cutting costs in producing concrete.Finland
Canoa SupplyTools that help drastically reduce the transaction costs of retrofits & adaptive reuse of existing buildings.United States
CarbiCreteA cleantech company with a process for producing cement-free, carbon-negative concrete using industrial by-products and captured CO2.Canada
Carbon Clean A global leader in low-cost CO2 capture technology and is headquartered in London and operates offices in India, Spain, and the United States.UK
Carbon Upcycling TechnologiesUsing the waste of today to build tomorrow, CUT converts waste CO2 into performance improving additives for the building materials industry.Canada
CivalgoAn end-to-end platform for operational management design to make project managers more productive, from estimate to construction. We are Data at Work.Canada
Clue Insights Inc.An AI-based, complete solution to manage a company’s entire construction operation: assets, crew and job sites, in one platform. United States
ConstruyoEurope’s first marketplace and SaaS solution for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. Germany
Construyo RedOnline platform that connects the construction professionals with the necessary attributes and characteristics to satisfy the construction and infrastructure sector.Colombia
ConvergeTool that helps improve productivity and sustainability for the entire construction lifecycle by combining the power of AI, BIM and physical sensor data.UK
ConXA SaaS platform built for construction contractors to manage the critical pre-construction process. Australia
Cove.ToolIntuitive webapp for energy, daylight, COVID, LEED and more helps architects, engineers and contractors to reduceconstruction cost while meeting performance targets. United States
Dusty RoboticsSolution for the automatization of the BIM-to-field workflowUnited States
EaveA UK-based startup which has developed a hearing protection system consisting of smart ear defenders and an online platform for visualizing environmental noise.UK
FlexofibersClassification of the waste of steel fibers produced during the tire recycling process and convert them into fibers for concrete reinforcement 100% recycled.Spain
GeometridPlatform for supply chain monitoring and analytics for constructionSingapore
HandleA software company aimed at simplifying construction financial managementUnited States
HausBotsRobots to protect and maintain the built environment., offering a unique wall-climbing robot for painting or inspecting buildings and infrastructures.UK
HIBOOA saas application that processes construction equipment data and makes it easily accessible to empower field operationsFrance
HubbleDigitization, optimization and automation of work processes across the entire building lifecycle for an autonomous self-building future, unifying all project stakeholders on a single integrated platform for better data sharingSingapore
Hydroleap Pte LtdA chemical-free-, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for wastewater treatment by replacing chemicals with electricity. Singapore
HypervineTool for tracking people, materials, machines and carbon emissions on construction and mining sites, helping companies save time, increase profits and reduce waste.UK
IndecoOne-stop solution for office and commercial space renovation, empowering spaces with design, construction and technology services.China
Kreo SoftwareSaaS solution for the modular construction market., allowing businesses to find the optimal design-cost trade-off at the feasibility stage.United Kingdom
LetsBuildA leading provider of cloud-based construction management software to digitise, modernise & harmonise key steps in the on-site construction process.Belgium / Denmark
lightYXA unique robotic system that projects an Augmented Reality of construction blueprints using a laser onto any surface with an accuracy of millimeters. The system has the ability to highlight quality control issues without being intrusive to the workers on-site using advanced machine vision technics.Israel
Mighty BuildingsMighty Buildings is a construction technology company based in Oakland, CA that is innovating the construction industry by creating homes that are beautiful, affordable, and sustainable using 3D printing, robotics, and automation.United States
NovadeSmart field management software that digitises and automates site processes using mobile devices. The data captured provides insights to improve operations.Singapore
PresienTool for industrial AI standardization, protecting effortlessly workers in a dynamic environments.Australia
ProMaterialThe new technology network specialized in online distribution and sales of construction products.Germany
ProTendersThe leading B2B platform for the built ecosystem to connect, source new leads using detailed market insights and streamline its procurement.UAE
RoboticPlus.aiA leading technology company for construction robotics, focusing on delivering intelligent robotic solutions for building industry to bridge the gap between building information model (BIM) and robotic motion planning. RoboticPlus. AI invented a modularized construction robot algorithm and software to satisfy the construction industry’s needs of mass customization and flexible production.China
SchüttflixAn app for ordering, transporting, delivering and disposing bulk material in a simple, transparent and 100% digital way.Germany
SidcodxTool that collects and digitalises data automatically in the job site to speed up critical construction processes such as progress control and formwork stage.Chile/UK
Soil Connect Digital marketplace connecting those with dirt and aggregates with those who need it.United States
SolaBlockSolaBlock is the vertical solar solution, turning buildings into energy producers with photovoltaic-embedded concrete products providing energy and carbon offsets for buildings.United States
Structure-PalAI-Based optimization and automation for building structure designIsrael
TRINOVDigital platform that brings efficiency to the waste and resource management of large multisite producers, through a SaaS platform that combines data, IoT devices, algorithms and blockchain technology.France
Veyor DigitalWith cloud-based logistics planning, scheduling and tracking, the platform enables instant and seamless management of daily site activity across the whole supply chain, all with a few flicks of your thumb.Australia
ViAct.aiLeading AI construction monitoring platform to improve safety, enhance productivity and anticipate risks.   China
Voyage ControlSaaS platform to help construction firms manage their logistics and supply chain more efficiently as well as support their compliance needs.United Kingdom
WaveScan TechnologiesContactless, see-through scanner systems, and AI-powered analytics software solution towards enabling data-driven proactive inspection & predictive maintenance practices.Singapore
CEMEX Ventures TOP50 ConTech Startups list 2020

Source: CEMEX Ventures, Monterrey, Mexico And Madrid, Spain. December 14, 2020

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