CHAOS Architects Engages Citizens in the Smart City

Chaos Architects Smart City AI

In this podcast episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Natalia Rincón and Johanna Suortti of CHAOS Architects, a smart city AI platform startup.

Natalia Rincon and Johanna SuorttiCHAOS Architects say that current smart cities are missing a key element: “The smart city is very good at tracking but not very good at listening. We are still missing one ingredient. A city is only smart when it considers the creativity of citizens and combines it with existing data.”

The company develops an AI platform that combines open and proprietary data with data created by citizens. Customers can use the platform for citizen engagement, communication, project management, and property management.

The solution provides two interfaces: a customer dashboard and a mobile app called Happycity. Anyone can download the app for free and start sharing ideas about their environment.

The dashboard is a commercial solution. The data dashboard shows real-time data with an intuitive interface. It also includes creation and automatization of projects and notifications with stakeholders. The company’s premium service includes machine learning.

Natalia is the CEO and Johanna the business developer of the company.

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Facebook: CHAOS architects
Twitter: @CHAOSarchitects
Instagram: CHAOS_architects
Photos: Aarni Heiskanen

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