Chat AEC Tech: AI in Construction

Chat AEC Tech - AI in construction

Earlier this month, I invited a group of industry experts to discuss AI in the construction industry. The recorded discussion is the inaugural episode of Chat AEC Tech. You can watch the recording on YouTube.

The panelists were:

  • Aarni Heiskanen – Construction Innovation Agent at AE Partners and founder of AEC Business, Finland
  • Cristina Savian – CEO and Founder, BE-WISE, Dubai
  • Enrique Nadales Clavero – BIM consultant at Tylko Advisors and the host of the BIM Cafe podcast, Spain
  • Jaan Saar – Head of Digital Construction at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia
  • Martyn Day – Journalist and Co-founder of X3D Media, AEC Magazine, and Develop3D Magazine, UK

We exchanged experiences on the use of generative AI and discussed a recent industry report. Martyn talked about startups in the field and touched on technology adoption and BIM issues.

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