Citizen-Centric Development: An Interview with Ken Dooley

In this interview with Ken Dooley of Granlund, we discuss sustainability from a user’s point of view and how technology will help cities become more citizen-centric.

Dr. Ken Dooley is a Technology Director at Granlund in Helsinki. He has over 15 years’ experience as a consultant in the built environment and has worked in London, Sydney, Dublin and Helsinki.

His current role in the innovation and development department involves research, lean experimentation, collaboration with startups and the development of Granlund’s future products and services. The focus is mostly in the areas of end user solutions, IoT and data analytics, energy, sustainability, circular economy, sharing economy and digital platforms.

He completed his doctorate at Aalto University in March 2018. His research there was related to environmental innovations and large corporations.

In his new blog and podcast, Citizen Centrik, Ken explores examples of user-centric urban services. His core message is: “If we solve the citizen’s problems first and if we do this with intuitive and easy to use tools then all of the data to make the city more efficient and sustainable will be available by default.”

You can connect with Ken on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter at @KenDooley and @citi_cen.

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