The Conscious Builder – Interview with Casey Grey

Conscious Building

In this podcast interview, Casey Grey talks about Conscious Building, passive houses, and  and how we can make our homes healthier.

About Casey Grey

Casey Grey is the founder and CEO of The Conscious Builder Inc., an Ontario company.

Casey is one of those very few people who knew what he wanted from a very young age. Although his goals have changed over the years, they have always revolved around building homes. From Lego, to tree houses to custom homes, he is constantly looking for ways to build better homes.

Casey grew up in Orleans, Ontario, but he now calls Manotick, Ontario, home. He lives in one of Canada’s very few Passive Homes with his wife, Natasha, and their son, Sullivan. Not only does he talk the talk but he walks the walk. He lives by Mahatma Gandhi’s famous saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Now, Casey focuses on, what he likes to call, Conscious Building. As a licensed carpenter, he is the owner of The Conscious Builder where he and his team focus on building and renovating homes “consciously”. Ultimately, these are homes that are cheaper to operate, better for the environment, more comfortable to live in and, most importantly, healthier for the families who live in them.

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