Constructing Your Company’s Success in 2014

December 2013 was another good month for growth in the construction industry and so many in the industry are asking ‘what’s next’?  In other words, how will 2014 treat those of us in in the construction industry?  The answer is that construction companies are going to need to adapt their business to what home owners want.  With record numbers of new homes being purchased, much construction work will be in this area, so what are the keys to constructing new homes in 2014 and beyond?  Find out below.

Vertical Space

Vertical space is going to be one of the most overused key phrases in the construction industry of the 21st century.  The reason for this is because there is growing concern about the amount of available space in the UK, and there certainly isn’t enough available to be frivolous with it.  Therefore, building homes more vertically is a great solution to the issue of how to still build large homes without taking up so much ground space.  More vertical builds mean placing the garage on the ground floor, placing the kitchen above and the living room above that.  Not only is this trend favoured by those looking for new homes because it’s very much in fashion right now, but it also promotes a healthy lifestyle and is more energy efficient, too.

Private and Communal Areas

To go along with vertical spaces, there’s a large emphasis being placed on communal outdoor spaces.  This helps to encourage a more neighbourly lifestyle between the owners of each home, something that many people are now looking for when they buy their new homes.  Bringing people who live close to one another together helps to create a sense of community, something which many feel has been lost in the UK over recent times.  Despite this, there should still be private outdoor spaces for people to relax and unwind in.  This means putting up high wood fences and gates with locks, like the ones available from Barrier Components, to ensure that people feel their gardens are safe and secure – a high priority for first time buyers or buyers with children.    

Transparency and Clarity

Another trend which has been taking off over the past 5 years is floor to ceiling frameless windows.  These are the kind of window without any framing to distract from the view outside, and which also allow plenty of light to enter the home.  More clear glass has been essential to the vertical space trend mentioned above because it allows for a lesser distinction to be made between the outdoors and the indoors, and this is crucial if you’re looking to enhance the size of your rooms as the less boxed in they are, the better.

Ultimately, there are thousands of ways you can incrementally make your construction business better in in 2014, but the above are some strong starting points.

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