Construction, AI, and Machine Learning

ai machine learning construction

Here is a selection of recent articles about potential uses of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the construction sector.

Smart Construction, AI and Machine Learning

This article by CIOReview outlines the following applications for artificial intelligence in construction:

  • Prevention of cost overshoots and risk mitigation
  • Better sequencing design
  • Productive project planning and remote construction
  • Addressing job shortages
  • Construction sites as data libraries


AI a Key Focus for FUTURE: PropTech

The world’s largest event for property technology, FUTURE: PropTech has announced a key focus of its fifth conference will be on the use of Artificial Intelligence in the sector. The event takes place on May 14, 2019, in London.

Four keynote speakers share their views on what the property sector needed to understand when considering AI solutions.


How AI and Machine Learning Will Change the Construction Industry

Read about the views of Daniel Burrus who considered one of the world’s leading futurists on global trends and innovation.


Construction sector AI revolution in 2019

Should construction industry firms apply AI and machine learning to gain a competitive advantage? Aydin Ozkekic, the CEO of Botmore Technology, believes that’s the case.


Machine Learning for Scheduling

MangoGem S.A., a provider of intelligent software solutions for challenging enterprise problems, has launched Version 2.5 of its ORITAMES Advanced Planning and Scheduling system. The ORITAMES APS Scheduler v2.5 incorporates autonomous Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities for improved planning and schedule optimization as well as improved modeling of sequence-dependent setups, batching, and time constraints, making it suited to large, real-life problems taking into account the complex constraints of real cases.


Mastering the Flood of Data from Drones

A drone can get about 2 million data points in about 30 minutes. How do you make use of it? AI could come to rescue.


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