Construction AI News 8/2022

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Here are picks from the AI issue of the AEC Business newsletter in August 2022.


Artificial intelligence can now make convincing images of buildings. Is that a good thing?

“In less than a month of using AI, I have created 11,515 images,” writes Kory Bieg. “I have no doubt that this will be a complete game changer, not only for architecture but for every creative discipline.”

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OpenSpace Expands Its Strategic Capital to $111M


OpenSpace, a 360° construction jobsite capture and AI-powered analytics company, has announced US$9M in additional strategic capital for its Series D round. The latest funding brings the total capital raised to US$111M.

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5 Ways Big Data Improves the Way Your Construction Company Operates

Software Advice has outlined five ways big data can improve the way a construction company operates.

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Finnish AI Region drives digital growth in small businesses

Helsinki-based SMEs are being offered support and resources to help them get the best out of artificial intelligence technology to improve their operations and create services to sell

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Solving the safety problem with AI

Construction site safety is undoubtedly a problem that needs reasonable solutions. There are two ways to solve the issue:

1) Establish behaviors and processes that prevent hazardous situations, to begin with.

2) Monitor the site and alert about hazards.

Unfortunately, the first approach does not seem to be enough or is not well-implemented. That’s why several startups are promoting the latter strategy.

One of them is Protex AI, an Irish firm that just announced that they’d raised a total of $18 million of investment to help further grow their presence in Europe and North America.

The company’s privacy-preserving AI platform plugs into existing CCTV infrastructure. It uses its computer vision technologies to capture unsafe events autonomously in various settings such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and ports.

Another company with similar ideas is Anavision. Their solution identifies and detects any target safety-related issues, for example, missing helmets, missing PPE vests, missing safety belts, smoking, or entering a danger zone in the construction site’s area.

There are tech companies that also talk about preventive safety. On AEC Business, I’ve recently featured three of them: NewmetrixViAct, and Kwant AI.

In addition to preventing physical injuries and deaths, safety correlates with the profitability of a project. That’s why safety technology is a good investment from all points of view, and we’ll see more startups entering the safety arena.

Aarni Heiskanen, AEC Business

Driverless and Smart Vehicles Are Coming to the Construction Industry

Smart construction equipment is on the horizon, but is the industry ready for it? Tools are evolving, from AI-powered driverless construction equipment to intuitive IoT sensor technology. It remains to be seen whether or not the sector is prepared to adapt to these major changes.

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Adding More Data Isn’t the Only Way to Improve AI

Connecting data-driven AI with other scientific or human inputs about the application’s domain is a way to avoid mishaps and increase efficiency in machine learning.

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Siemens Launches Building X Open AI-enabled Suite for Net Zero Buildings

Siemens Building Technology division has released Building X, which integrates a suite of applications that makes all your building data accessible from a single interface.

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