Construction Safety Technologies – Videos

Smart hard hats, drone imaging, indoor positioning, and augmented reality are some of the technologies that can make construction sites safer.

Construction remains one of the most dangerous industries. In the USA, one in ten construction workers are injured every year. According to ILO, there are at least 60,000 fatal accidents on construction sites around the world every year, one in every 10 minutes. Investments in safety will certainly pay off.

Culture, behavior, and attitudes have a great impact on construction safety. Technology can help, but only if it is used properly and consistently. Here’s a collection of recent videos that explain and demonstrate how digital technology can advance construction safety.

Leveraging Wearables in Construction – A Look at Rogers O’Brien’s Use of Wearables in the Field

Pillar Technologies: Hazard Sensors for Construction Sites at CES 2017

Worker Safety Solution by IoT WoRKS

Redpoint Construction Safety

3M Virtual Reality Fall Protection Training

Documenting Safety on the job site with Safesite!

SmartHat 4.0 for Lean-IoT-BIM in construction


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