Construction Technologies with the Greatest ROI Potential

construction technology survey

KPMG’s 2021 Global Construction Survey scanned the industry’s recent changes and looked into the future.

One of the survey topics is innovation and technology. The pandemic showed that forward-thinking companies enjoyed the benefits of their previous investments in technology. Perhaps as a consequence, most of the respondents’ companies plan a moderate or high level of investment in the near future. Engineering and contractor firms are more likely to invest heavily (50%) than project or infrastructure owners (33%).

The respondents were asked about the technologies with the potential to deliver the greatest overall return on investment to their organization. Three technologies stood out: integrated PMIS, BIM, and advanced data and analytics. A breakdown of the results is in the following chart. The results are based on interviews with 186 individuals from engineering & construction companies and project owners, a vast majority of which are carrying out significant capital investment projects.

ROI potential of construction tech
Data source: Global Construction Survey 2021, KPMG

Download the report to find out what the 2021 Global Construction Survey respondents are saying about the future of resilience, integrated risk management, portfolio project management, diversity, equity and inclusion, and technology and innovation in the sector.

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