How Construction Will be Disrupted – Interview with Stefan Engeseth


Stefan Engeseth is author, consultant, speaker, CEO and Guest Professor. His latest book is Sharkonomics. In this podcast episode, we’re going to talk about what nature has taught Stefan and how that could be applied to the construction industry.

Stefan Engeseth InterviewSharks are not only nature’s most revered killing machines, they are highly strategic and efficient predators. Studying their
behavior and instincts can provide lessons for companies of any size who want to attack the competition.

Stefan Engeseth argues that taking market share from market leaders is about being aware, creating presence and punching above your weight. By applying the behavioral traits of the shark, Engeseth has created a number of highly practical business strategies which include striking unpredictably, developing a sensory system, hunting in packs and how to locate blind spots. The more competitive your marketplace, the more effective Sharkonomics can be. After all sharks have been evolving for over 420 million years and are still very much the leaders in their space.

Who are the sharks threatening the construction industry and how could disruption take place? These are the themes of the interview.

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