Cordapillar- A New Solution to a Safer Working Environment

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A simple innovation is often all it takes to solve a nagging problem. Cordapillar deals with the predicament that is all too familiar to everyone: extension cords running loose on the floor, creating potentially hazardous conditions in the working environment.

OSHA wants you to better protect your construction workers today. Cord protection is an essential part of work safety.

A few months ago, I was setting up a video camera to stream live presentations to the internet. I had to use an extension power cable and a network cable for the camera. As is often typical in a situation like this, I had to draw the cables across the floor so that everybody entering the venue had to step over the cables. As expected, at some point someone tripped on the cables and the camera almost fell from the tripod. This time, the only damage was a shaken video.

cord under rug hazard
Cords under rugs are a fire hazard

Another time, I visited a construction site where an iron bar had just fallen on a cord on the floor and cut through the outer jacket. Someone touching the cord or spilling water over it would have been in real danger. Situations like this are not uncommon in homes, either.

A New Solution to a Safer Working Environment

The typical way to protect or mark cords is to use duct tape, marking tape, or rugs. They can be somewhat helpful as a temporary solution. However, if you want to both protect your cables and prevent injuries, you should consider using dedicated, professional grade cord cover protection.

electric tape scenario

I’ve had a chance to examine a new entrant in the market, Cordapillar, a patent-pending product by MonoSystems. It has many features that make it a noteworthy cord protection product.

Unique Design

Cordapillar grayYou cannot always make the extension cable run in straight lines. If your protective solution consists of rigid, straight pieces, the bends can remain unprotected. The designers of Cordapillar have solved the problem in a brilliant way. The product consists of modular segments that allow unlimited length and bending around corners. You just snap the segments together.

The section of Cordapillar shows that it has a low profile and its bottom channel has room for multiple cables. The manufacturer says that Cordapillar was designed to handle virtually every type of power and data cord including heavy duty industrial cables.

Once the cords and cables are protected, it is essential that they don’t start moving across the floor. Cordapillar has rubber feet that tightly grip the floor surface.

Cordapillar cord protection technical

Cross section of a Cordapillar element

Durable materials

Cordapillar is a durable solution
Cordapillar is a durable solution

Both in homes and in industrial spaces, people will walk, sometimes even drive, over the cords. It is critical that the protective material can withstand reasonable strain. Cordapillar is made of weather-resistant ABS plastic.

Cordapillar comes in colors: putty gray, black, and an attention-grabbing yellow-black combination.

Worthy investment

After studying the properties and design of Cordapillar, I’m convinced that it is a noteworthy product that improves home and workplace safety and stylishly protects expensive cords.

If you’re interested in learning more or want to order Cordapillar, go to The price of a five-foot unit is $24.99, but you get a discount if you buy multiple units at the same time.

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